Pastor Allen's Testimony​


          I had a persistent cough that had plagued me off and on for several years. I had not gone to seek medical help. In April 2009, the cough had gotten so bad that I could not sleep lying down. To sleep I would pile pillows on the kitchen table. Sitting in a chair and resting my head on the pillows was the only way I could sleep. When I finally fell asleep, the pillows sagged and immediately I was in the middle of a coughing fit wide awake. I did this for 21 days.In April, 2009 I went to see a doctor. He immediately took a chest x ray and followed up with a CT scan. The result showed a non-functioning lung, water on one lung, a closed bronchial tube, a tumor, and some fibroid material. He referred me to a lung specialist at Luther Middle ford hospital

            Many questions and thoughts run through your mind at a time like this. I had prayed for and seen many people healed and I asked hourly, Lord Why? After church, the Sunday after the medial team had examined me God told me he was going to heal me. It would be 2 and 1/2 weeks later that He did exactly that...instantaneously.

            The day before God healed me a medical team from Luther Middle ford Hospital examined me. Due to the irritation, swelling and location the medial team was unable to take a biopsy, however they did get a swab from a part of the lung. The Lab showed good news, No Cancer. The specialist scheduled a follow up for the next week and told me he had to look deeper. The question at hand was: should they go through the chest?  The doctor said we will reschedule for the following week. He gave me some cough syrup and antibiotics to ease the coughing and I went home confused, bewildered, concerned and back to the pile of pillows. God healed me that night.  The next night I slept in my own bed!

            The return trip to the medical team showed an open functioning lung, no water, no tumor, no closed bronchial tube. When they did the bronchial examination and took a swab to check the lung, they said there was nothing there.   There was no need for a biopsy because we had no tumor.  ACT scan May 9th showed a clear lung. Praise God.

            The following CT scan is of my lungs before and after. Approximately a year later, I HAD ANOTHER SCAN WITH ABSOLUTELY CLEAR LUNGS




       The arrow points out the tumor along with some unknown material just below the arrow. After God healed me everything was clear, no pain, no water on the lung, no cough, no choking, no tumor and the lung was completely functional.