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Prayer for Liberia

In Liberia there had been a major crisis of Ebola in Liberia where Siaffa Korkoyah asked for the saints to gather in prayer for healing and for no harm to come to those who believe in the power of Jesus Christ. The wonders that God does!

A Phone Call

[06:03:25] Siaffa Korkoyah: Hello Pastor Allen, This is Pastor Siaffa Korkoyah in Liberia. How are doing? How is the ministry? I pray that all is well.


[06:04:06] Allen  Skroch: Yes very good.  God move powerfully


[06:04:20] Allen Skroch: What is happening in Africa


[06:06:52] Siaffa Korkoyah: Glory be to God. Praise God for His intervention in our Ebola crisis in Liberia.  He is doing great things.


[06:07:45] Allen  Skroch: We have prayed that no harm would come against you and there would be no loss of life in the congregation


[06:10:53] Siaffa Korkoyah: Thank you so much for your prayers. Ten members of our congregation were quaratined, but they had all completed their 21 days. We did not experience any death in our congregation.


[06:11:42] Allen Skroch: Than you Jesus … God is wonderfull


[06:15:34] Siaffa Korkoyah: Yes, indeed. There were deaths all around us in the community. but we did not lose any of our members to Ebola. Please extend my thanks to everyone in your congregation who have been praying with us.

Testimony Stories

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