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Priya'S Healing Miracle

These are pictures of the process of being healed. It was so wonderful to be a part of this wonderful miraculous healing! What an amazing sight to watch it from start to finish! I cannot think about it with out tears of joy!

Her Story

Priya, an exquisitely beautiful 13 year old girl! At 3 years old she received a bad blood transfusion and it so damaged her that she had not walked since! Her legs were severely twisted, her feet curled like a fist and on turned under - clubbed, Her hands and arms the same. Her spine had shifted so much that one shoulder was drawn up, and her ribcage and hips were skewed in opposite directions. She had the biggest smile, and look of expectation. She had come to receive her healing and nothing short of that would do!!!


Pastors Allen and Wanda Skroch, who are part of RAIN and travel with us around the world, immediately took her and put her in a chair. If any of you have ever wondered about the validity of "Leg lengthening" this would have made a believer of you! Allen lifted her

little atrophied ankles, and one leg was at least 5 inched shorter. It took seconds and that tiny leg untwisted, the feet were so deformed and they "bloomed" like precious flowers, untwisting and opened up. Within moments her hips shifted under the gentle touch of


Allen's hands so full of the power of the rise Christ! Her spine went into place, shoulders evened out, and her hands and arms were healed too. God is so good! Allen and Blessi's mom, Chandra, took her for a walk to the amazement of everyone. Then I walked her a while like a baby taking their first steps. I'd leave a step

between us, and then two, then three. She met the challenge each time. I put

her in a chair to rest while I joined the rest of the team praying for the throng whose faith had just shot through the roof.


Wanda felt someone tugging on her dress and turned around to see - Pirya was standing behind her saying "Thank You Jesus, Aunty, I can walk by myself!"

Testimony Stories

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