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Liliana's Miracle Story

Shannon Guse shares the great miracle of God that was given on to her daughter that was diagnosed with first degree heart block. Read on to lean about what God did!

Her Story

I was pregnant with my second baby, Liliana, and everything was going great. I had less nausea and back pain than my first.  We had been in for our 22 week ultrasound and found out it was going to be a girl, what a blessing!! Only six months earlier I had a healthy baby boy! I continued my prenatal visits, and everything was normal. I went in for my 27 week visit, and the nurse couldn't find the heartbeat. She tried for at least a half an hour. They ushered us into ultrasound and the doctor followed.  They found the heart tones had dropped from the normal range of 140-160 down to the 70s.  This was very concerning for many reasons; growth and development, blood flow, oxygen, etc. 

They rushed us to Rochester, MN.  There we met with primatologists, pediatric cardiologists, and other specialists.  They diagnosed Liliana with a heart condition known as first degree heart block.  This is where the conduction from the top doesn't get to the bottom.  The only cure for this is immediate surgery after delivery to implant a pace maker.  This is a very rare condition, and many babies with this do not survive past a few months, rarely through the first year, but there have been a few survivors. 

They began preparing us for a delivery in Rochester, and toured us through the NICU and the surgery suites where our baby would be having her surgery.  They brought us to the Ronald McDonald House, where we were going to have to stay for a few months depending on the outcome of the delivery and the surgery. The doctors also prepared us for a pre-term delivery. They were concerned that our baby would not tolerate the decreased heart rate for the entire length of the pregnancy, and that if I made it to 32 weeks I would be lucky.  I went in every week, sometimes twice a week, from then on to have an ultrasound, to make sure the baby was tolerating the low heart rate.

When we found all of this out we began praying immediately.  We asked everyone to pray for our little one, neighbors, friends, family, and our congregation.  Weeks passed with no change. I made it to 32 weeks and felt like that was a blessing in and of it.  I continued my weekly visits, and we continued to pray.  Family and friends all let us know that they were keeping us in their prayers.  Around 35 weeks my mother had a dream that Lillian’s heart rate had returned to 140 BPM.  The next day I met with Allen and Wanda at Luther Hospital. They prayed for Liliana. Allen said that he saw the heart rate go to 136.  At my next visit, the heart rate was 136!!!!!! 

We could not believe it. We were rushed back to Rochester, MN where they ran all of the same tests again. To everyone's amazement, it was like there was nothing wrong.  There was no explanation for it either except that it was a miracle. I was still monitored weekly, and after making it to term I was cleared to deliver back in Eau Claire.  On July 5th, I delivered a healthy baby girl via C-section. She was monitored for the first 24 hours, and her heart rate was as strong as any.  She is now 9 months old, and full of life. She is our little miracle, and living proof of the power of prayer. We are so blessed to have had so many praying for us. We are so blessed to have a healthy baby.


PRAISE God!!!!!

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